2 reasons why its important to trim your dogs nails


I know what you are thinking – who wants to read about clipping your dachshunds nails, but the truth is its because you dread doing it that you really ought to read about it.There are lots of reasons that people put off trimming their dogs nails.

Most of those reasons revolve around it being a really unenjoyable task.

On the whole, dogs do not like having their nails clipped, and dachshunds are no different.

Unless your dog is really well trained, it can be a physical and emotional trial getting your doxie to be still enough for you to try and trim their nail: physical in terms of your dog wrestling to get free and away from the ‘evil’ clippers, and emotional in terms of how it makes you feel fighting to do something to your beloved pooch that it doesn’t like.

But the bottom line is that it needs to be done.If you are of the disposition to particularly struggle with the emotional aspect of insisting on clipping your dogs nails, despite its struggles, then its really important to know why you need to trim those nails.

Knowing the importance of the act can help you persevere in the face of strong objection from your dog.

The main reason that you clip your dachshunds nails is that if the nails are too long then they are prone to break, and broken nails on a dog run the risk of becoming infected.

The second reason is that long nails on a dogs paw will affect the way that paw hits the ground when walking, which alters the dogs ‘gate’ or stride.

Over even a short period of time, this can cause strain on your dogs skeletal frame, and ultimately can be really quite damaging.

I am sure I do not need to tell you of the issues associated with dachshunds and spinal injuries, so let me simply say that this is as important on a dachshund than anything else you can do to protect your dogs spine.Knowing why you need to get those nails cut is a real help if you find it a horrific experience. But remember that your dog feeds from your anxieties, and your worry only makes it worse.

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