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The Keys to Happy Dogs Are In the Hands of the Owner!

The keys to having happy dogs is having healthy dogs, and the keys are in the hands of the owner. Realistically, keeping happy dogs leads to happy owners. Check out these incredible statistics regarding happy dogs and owners:

  • In surveys, 71 percent of owners believed that having happy dogs made them happier people.
  • 80 percent of owners found it easier to wake up in the morning because their dogs greeted them.
  • An incredible 93 percent of people felt that they were better humans overall because of their dogs.
  • 85 percent of owners stated that their dogs helped them through a difficult time in life.
  • 72 percent of owners said their exercise habits are directly influenced by their dogs.
  • Out of the 71 percent of owners who believed happy dogs made them happier, 36 percent of those people reported being “very happy.”

The message sent by these types of statistics is very clear; happy dogs equal happy owners. Receiving love from a happy dog is a feeling like no other in the world. The realization of knowing your dog lives in a world where he or she feels love, companionship, joy, and security is incredibly satisfying. Why do happy dogs lead to such high levels of positivity in humans?

Why Happy Dogs Make a Huge Difference

For centuries, dogs have been man’s best friend and provided unconditional love for their human owners. Dogs are there for us through good and bad, and provide companionship during our loneliest times. We can laugh with them when we are down, play with them, and be ourselves around them.

Our dogs also teach us a great deal of patience, generosity, and kindness. All of these traits spill over into both of personal and professional lives, improving the overall quality of our existence.

The Best Therapist Has Fur and Four Legs

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What Is “Give Dogs a Better Life” and Why Did We Create It?

About Us

This is my better half Maggie and our dog George. We adopted George when he was two years old after he had gone through significant abuse at the hands of his previous owners. He had substantial anxiety issues, as well as some physical issues as a result of his lack of nutrition.

About Us

After a long period of hard work with lots of patients involved (Maggie did most of the work), we were able to nurse George back to health and correct his behavior issues. We’re happy to report that George is a healthy and happy dog who is currently at the ripe old age of 7.

We created this website with the hopes of giving dog owners help with resources that gave us the chance to make George a happy dog. On Give Dogs a Better Life, you’ll find articles that help with everything from your dog’s behavior, health, eating habits, and exercise. We’ll also post reviews of some of the same products we used for giving George a better life. With a little bit of extra attention, some research, and lots of love, you can also make sure your dog is a happy dog. We also provide professional dog consulting for all owners having challenges with their canine family members! 

happy dogs are healthy dogs