Dogs shot by pellet gun in Norfolk neighborhood

Posted by in dog stories on October 6, 2018 0 comments
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NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A Norfolk police report is on file after two dogs were shot by a pellet gun in the Highland Park neighborhood.

It appears someone shot the dogs over a backyard fence. It’s not clear who did this, or why.

You can’t find a more loving dog than Clark, a rescue beagle rat terrier mix.

On Wednesday, while Clark was in Troy Lewis’ backyard, someone shot the dog with a pellet gun so deep that the pellet remains in his leg. Lewis doesn’t want to point fingers at any neighbors.

“Obviously someone shot a dog in my yard and under my care,” Lewis said.

Some time after that, Luna, a rescue hound setter mix, was shot with a pellet in the back. That pellet was removed, but a nasty wound remains.

Bailey Riales is house and dog sitting for the dogs’ owners, who are on vacation. She left the dogs in her uncle’s backyard when she herself went out of town. She immediately returned when she got the news the dogs were shot.

“It’s sickening. I really don’t believe it.”

On social media, some have suggested the dogs may have been barking, but in the hour the 10 On Your Side crew was with them, there was really no barking at all — and we were strangers to the dogs.

The dogs’ owner, who is on vacation, is Eddie Hill.

“If they are barking excessively — which could be a nuisance to some — I hope people would be responsible, and adult enough to talk to the neighbors, and say, ‘Is there a way to put the dog inside?’” Hill said.

It’s not clear whether the dogs were barking, but even if they were, shooting the dogs is not the way to go. Troy says instead, leave a note and put away the gun.

“What happened is not the punishment for the dog. If anything, I should have been informed and I could have taken care of this without having a dog hurt.”

Hill adds, “It’s sad that someone would take it out on a dog that doesn’t have a defensive mechanism for someone shooting him with a gun and doesn’t know why.”

10 On Your Side went door-to-door in the neighborhood. Most people weren’t home, and those who were claim they saw nothing on Wednesday or Thursday.

Norfolk Animal Control is still investigating the case.