Dogs Stolen In Brockton Found In Maine

Posted by in dog stories on October 2, 2018 0 comments
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EAST BRIDGEWATER (CBS) –“They are my best friends, they are my family,” George Collins says of his poodles Bentley, Brandy, Amber and Molly.

George’s best friends were taken away from him for eight harrowing hours on Monday after he said someone stole his van with his beloved dogs inside.

The East Bridgewater man had parked his van outside a repair garage in Brockton “for just a few minutes” but when he came out, the vehicle, and the dogs, were gone.

A van with poodles inside was stolen from outside a Brockton auto shop (WBZ-TV)

Also in the van, another dog named Pippin that George was dog-sitting for a friend.

“I think it was kids that took it,” he said.

The van was found last night in Portland, Maine, some 130 miles from Boston.

When George arrived to pick the dogs up he says they were “jumping twenty feet high” when they saw him.

The 68-year-old figures someone took his van for a joy ride. But he’s the one feeling joy now, knowing his precious pets are home.