Neighbors in Eastpointe worry someone is poisoning their dogs

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EASTPOINTE, Mich. (WXYZ) – Neighbors on one Eastpointe street have some serious concerns about the safety of their dogs, after at least two dogs have died and others have gotten sick.

Residents say they think someone might be targeting the pets on Lexington Street.

The woman with two dogs that died filed a police report.

Her neighbor, whose dog became ill, says she plans to contact police Tuesday. They’re worried there’s a serious connection and they want police to be on the lookout.

Chantae Thomas and her mother had two pugs, 10-year-old Desi and 5-year-old Garfield. They were a father and son pair.

On Monday they noticed Desi foaming at the mouth and lying on the ground. The vet said he was poisoned.

Garfield soon started showing similar symptoms and he got the same diagnosis. Both dogs passed away.

Thomas didn’t know where the poison came from, so she started talking to neighbors.

One neighbor said his dog died very recently and he didn’t know why and multiple others said their dogs had become ill.

Neighbors like Teressa Rizzo. She said she noticed him eat something and then later get very sick, but he pulled through and she didn’t take him to the vet. 

Now neighbors are concerned someone might be targeting their pets.

People like Rizzo hope to see more officers patrol their neighborhood. She said they’re all keeping a close eye out right now.

They’re not sure why someone would do this, only that they want it to stop.