Online Dog Consulting

online dog consulting

if you need

Help With Your Dog..


Obedience tips and training methods from certified trainers


Questions about your dogs health? Consult with a vet's assistant and get money-saving tips if possible, plus referrals to quality online vets and insurance options


Question about your dog's diet? Get advice regarding what your dog should and shouldn't eat and recommendations for diet options or nutritional issues

Online Dog Consulting

The staff at Give Dog's a Better Life helped me solve my dog's separation anxiety

David Hayes

Dog Owner

dog consulting

Our dog Kayleigh was having some stomach issues. The team at GDABL helped us switch her to a better food.

Judy Harris

Dog Mom

Save Yourself the Hassle

Our consultation isn’t meant to replace the services of a vet, but we might be able to save you a trip to one! We can also save you money on expensive dog training with simple instructions to correct certain challenges you might be having. Any questions about dog health, behavior, diet, and other issues are handled via phone or video call, depending on which method you prefer. Fill out the form below and let’s talk dog!