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High quality Dog Training Pouch-Free Shipping

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Outer with strong PVC Oxford camouflage fabric, easy to clean.
Adjustable plastic slider with strap easily to close and open.
With waterproof nylon inside, durable and environmental.
Extra rubber pad with a cross opening for taking poop bags easily.

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Camouflage Pet Dog Training Bag Walking Treat Snack Pouch Dispenser with Clip
Outer with strong PVC Oxford camouflage fabric, easy to clean.
Adjustable plastic slider with strap easily to close and open.
With waterproof nylon inside, durable and environmental.
Extra rubber pad with a cross opening for taking poop bags easily.

Material: PVC Oxford
Color: Pink
Size: approx. 13*6*13.5cm/5.11*2.36*5.31”



1 x Pet Dog Puppy Training pouch




Brand Name


Item Type

Agility Equipment



199 reviews for High quality Dog Training Pouch-Free Shipping

  1. M***k G.

  2. A*****o G.

  3. A*******r K.

  4. E***n S.

  5. K***l S.

  6. U****a S.

  7. B*n S.

  8. J****n Y.

  9. E***a C.

  10. A***a T.

  11. P****k Z.

    Thank you!

  12. V*******a M.

  13. D***a B.

  14. E*******a U.

  15. C*****o T.

  16. O**a P.

    Cool bag

  17. E****y G.

  18. J****n R.

  19. N**m L.

    Good product

  20. AliExpress Shopper

  21. A*****a M.

  22. S****d P.

    really like it!!!

  23. K**w T.

    Just used the product today at a puppy training session. It came in very handy and was easy to use. Light weight and didn’t get in the way and easy to equip and take off. Has a handy pouch at the back to store poo bags. Overall a study and great product. I recommend the product and seller.

  24. M*****a A.

  25. J**a P.

  26. N*****a V.

  27. N****e S.

  28. E*e H.

  29. P***l D.

  30. S***a L.

  31. O*i M.

    Dog quality

  32. L***o I.

  33. M****l W.

  34. J***e C.

  35. G*******a B.

  36. E***a M.

  37. A****a B.

  38. N****a Z.


  39. A***r N.

  40. S******e V.

    Looks great, very practical. Love it.

  41. C*******n S.

  42. E*****a D.

    Super fast shipping, szła 14dni

  43. AliExpress Shopper

    Good product

  44. AliExpress Shopper

  45. Y*****a K.

  46. P***l M.

  47. V**a S.

  48. J****n R.

  49. T*****a N.

  50. AliExpress Shopper

  51. E****r S.

  52. AliExpress Shopper

    Great bag, high quality sewn.

  53. AliExpress Shopper

  54. C****e T.

  55. AliExpress Shopper

  56. AliExpress Shopper

    Great little bag and very fast delivery – well pleased

  57. AliExpress Shopper

  58. AliExpress Shopper

  59. AliExpress Shopper

    very practical and useful. it’s in good quality.

  60. AliExpress Shopper

    Great bag, came quickly.

  61. AliExpress Shopper

  62. D****l F.

  63. AliExpress Shopper

  64. D****s F.

  65. V*******v K.

  66. AliExpress Shopper

    Top good quality!

  67. AliExpress Shopper

  68. AliExpress Shopper

    Good. I recommend this Seller.

  69. AliExpress Shopper

  70. D****s F.

  71. AliExpress Shopper

  72. A*a R.

  73. AliExpress Shopper

  74. AliExpress Shopper

  75. AliExpress Shopper

    Nice product.

  76. AliExpress Shopper

  77. AliExpress Shopper

    good only the clips is already broken

  78. AliExpress Shopper

  79. T***y J.

  80. H**a J.

  81. AliExpress Shopper

    Order a second time, this time for a girlfriend! excellent, very convenient pouch!

  82. J**i S.

  83. AliExpress Shopper

  84. AliExpress Shopper

    Very good, but the pocket for my phone is too small

  85. M******e B.

    great seller

  86. AliExpress Shopper

  87. AliExpress Shopper

  88. AliExpress Shopper

  89. AliExpress Shopper

    Very fast and good quality

  90. T*****y B.

  91. Th N.

    I use this bags for walks and runs, It has a hook and a loop to fix it to your belt, waist, pocket etc, and a spare pocket for bags.

  92. AliExpress Shopper

  93. T*****a T.

  94. Y**i K.

  95. Nl S.

  96. B*****h D.

  97. N*****y M.

  98. AliExpress Shopper

  99. A*******z K.

  100. G*******e G.

    Quality bag. poop bag for pocket plus. bag solid link well installed.

  101. M******d D.

  102. N*****e D.

    Very solid, had the package in a week all home

  103. AliExpress Shopper


  104. S******a S.

  105. AliExpress Shopper


  106. B****a W.

  107. M*****a K.

  108. J**s N.

  109. V******a R.

  110. A***a P.

  111. D**n S.

    Great bag! Fast shipping too!

  112. V****e H.

  113. G***d R.

  114. L***e K.

  115. M*****u K.

    perfect product!

  116. M****a M.

  117. AliExpress Shopper

  118. AliExpress Shopper

    very good

  119. M*****l L.

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  121. AliExpress Shopper

  122. S********n R.

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  124. A****a B.

  125. H***a I.

  126. K*m V.

  127. E***a B.

  128. C**n V.

  129. M****a L.

  130. B***e C.

  131. C*****a C.

  132. J***j L.

    ok, thank’s

  133. A***m C.

  134. N****l S.

  135. H****y C.

    very good item as pictured. conceiller

  136. Nl S.

    Good quality and easy to uwe.

  137. V********a V.

  138. Vk L.

  139. M***n N.

  140. T***y F.

  141. J*****a R.

  142. E***a S.

  143. A****j M.

  144. R*k P.

  145. I***a G.

  146. A****r G.

    great bag

  147. AliExpress Shopper

  148. E****y Z.

  149. R*****d B.

  150. V*******a C.

  151. V***a Z.

  152. P***r A.

  153. O**a P.

    excellent handbag. mount приобреталась pockets outerwear, tk. use no clothes winter waist and shoulder bag with. just over 3 weeks shipping заняла of placing your order. is very compact, for one вкусняшек walk. quality is good. see plastic clip выдержит how many. back pocket, bags sanitary for use. thank you.

  154. A***t


    Color: C

  155. AliExpress Shopper

    Large and holds well.

    Color: C

  156. A***a

    very cute and practical little pouch.quality material.very good seams

    Color: A

  157. l***e

    Cute little bag and good practice.

    Color: A

  158. S***m

    Color: A

  159. A***o

    Very good item, the materials are so good and resistant. Love it! Thank you!!

    Color: A

  160. Y***s

    Size: one size Color: one size

  161. S***S

    Materials Are the cheapest, sewn so-so, thread, all that was not a surprise, because a positive review.
    Plastic clip shaky, zipper pocket on the likely fast break, and do not need it, the bag is small enough (hardly suitable for owners of large dogs) so place for food is not very convenient to hold bags, which can be put in pocket.
    Bag hardly live long heavy use.

    Color: B

  162. M***k

    Color: A

  163. O***h

    Very tidy pouch made quality, delivery is not instantaneous, but quite fast.

    Color: B

  164. A***l

    really beautiful bag. i love it and would recommend

    Color: G

  165. m***n

    great service and fast shipping

    Color: B

  166. V***M

    Very well worth much I think and is very nice, maybe a ribbon for the leg up would that subject best.

    Color: C

  167. M***a

    Color: B

  168. E***a

    A Little more than seemed on the description, but well-cut and convenient to do. Happy)

    Color: C

  169. AliExpress Shopper

    Color: B

  170. R***i

    Color: B

  171. O***v

    Great bag. Large, well-cut. Advise.

    Color: C

  172. P***g

    Color: B

  173. X***S

    Color: B

  174. V***n

    Color: E

  175. D***g

    Color: E

  176. AliExpress Shopper

    Color: B

  177. W***i

    Excellent product. As described

    Color: B

  178. M***k

    Color: A

  179. AliExpress Shopper

    I love it, all a bit petty caliper, But the bag in set is great

    Color: E

  180. N***a

    Color: E

  181. D***p

    Color: A

  182. F***o

    Great product to description and fast I other purchases from you

    Color: B

  183. AliExpress Shopper

    Parede de quality nice, Fast shipping.

    Color: B

  184. J***a


    Color: F

  185. E***s

    antes de lo esperado…

    Color: A

  186. K***o


    Color: B

  187. z***z

    Color: E

  188. j***s

    Color: E

  189. m***a

    Color: A

  190. K***y

    Color: A

  191. T***s

    All good as described recommended seller thank you

    Color: B

  192. R***r

    Fast Shipment, excellent product

    Color: E

  193. S***v

    Color: B

  194. S***r

    Color: C

  195. c***c

    Arrived safely. On time. Perfect size. Pero I wish the trim tape to not leave the biscuits work best. Good product by the price.

    Color: B

  196. a***n

    Color: B

  197. AliExpress Shopper

    Arrived quickly and the quality of the product is quite good, the color is also beautiful, recommended!

    Color: A

  198. G***S

    Color: A

  199. J***o

    Color: C

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