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Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd

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Breed Group: Herding

Color: Solid black and tan / grayish undertone

Height: 28 – 30 inches

Weight: Males: 140-160 Females: 100-120 lbs

Description: The Shiloh Shepherd’s overall appearance is rather heavy. The Back is broad, strong and solid.

The head is broad and noble, slightly domed and in proportion to the body.

The width and length of the skull are approximately equal with a gently defined stop, strongly developed cheekbones, and a gradually tapering muzzle.

The muzzle should be predominantly black, the length being equal to that of the forehead, with the lips firmly fitted and solid black. The muzzle should not belong, narrow, or snipey in appearance.

Both upper and lower thighs are well muscled. The tail is quite long and thickly covered with dense hair hanging down like a plume.

The coat comes in two varieties: smooth and plush. The plush coat is medium-length with a dense undercoat and has a distinct mane from the neck to the chest.

Hair should not be more than 5″ (12 cm) in length. The smooth coat is thick and medium-length with the outer hair being harsh to the touch.

Temperament: The Shiloh Shepherd is very similar to the German Shepherd dog except it is bigger, has a sounder temperament and better hips.

The breed club promotes temperament testing and issues certificates for individuals which it considers to be neither fearfully shy nor dominantly aggressive.

Although the Shiloh is still relatively unknown, it makes a nice companion dog. They are a very intelligent, courageous and self-confident dog that will willingly protect its family, yet it is friendly and a good companion to its friends and family.

Makes a good guard and watchdog. Shilohs have tremendous loyalty and courage. Calmly confident, but not hostile. Serious and almost human in their intelligence.

They have a high learning ability. Shilohs love to be close to their families. They should be trained and socialized from an early age with a firm and a loving hand.

Health problems: Hip Dysplasia

Living conditions: The Shiloh Shepherd will do okay in an apartment if it gets enough exercise.

They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least a large yard. It has an all-weather coat and will do well in cold as well as hot climates.

They can live outdoors but would be much happier inside close to their owners. Be sure they have plenty of water and shade on hot days and proper shelter in the winter.

Exercise: The Shiloh Shepherd loves strenuous activity, preferably combined with training of some kind, for these dogs are very intelligent and crave a good challenge.

Life expectancy: About 12-14 years.

Grooming: The coat comes in two varieties, smooth and plush. The plush coat requires regular brushing to keep it clean and tangle-free. The smooth coat requires minimal grooming.

This breed sheds bits of hair constantly and is a seasonally heavy shedder. A quick daily brushing is best unless the hair in the house is not a problem. They should be bathed rarely, only once or twice a year to avoid skin oil depletion.

Origin: the founder of the Shiloh Shepherd asked that we do not list her name on our web site) – A lady had been breeding German Shepherd Dogs since the 1960s. She was active in conformation shows as well as Schutzhund, etc. In the 70’s she set her standard back to the old style, very large type Shepherds.

She spent the next decade pursuing her goals for the old-style Shepherds. In 1990 she separated her breed from AKC and started to maintain registry records as Shiloh Shepherds.

The International Shiloh Shepherd Registry, Inc. (ISSR) was incorporated in 1991. Due to disagreements within the ISSR other splinter registries were formed.

The ISSR refuses to acknowledge these other registries insisting these other registries should never be mentioned, however, the simple fact is they exist.


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