Veteran Seeking Public’s Help Locating Missing Support Dogs

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Veteran Seeking Public’s Help Locating Missing Support Dogs

By: Nathan Treece

Posted: Feb 11, 2018 08:34 PM CST

The Kane family lives off Tigre Mountain Road in Malvern. That’s where 7-year-old Buddy, their boxer and his sidekick, 5-year-old Spot, a chihuahua terrier mix ran off.

Sgt Kane, with strength, yet turning away to hide the tears and pain, told me a 2009 IED explosion injured him.

This reaction is the very thing his wife explained to me his missing dog Buddy can help him get through.

She says the boxer also helped ease the nightmares and calm his anxiety, but he’s also helped the whole family.

Elizabeth Kane says, “They’re my babies, especially Buddy. He was there when I was pregnant with Ray and my husband was deployed.”

Sgt. Michael Kane says, “I mean, I can’t really, but in words how much he’s helped me.”

The two people helping him get through the pain, his 6-year-old, his wife, and his friend’s pup Bruno, doesn’t hurt.

His wife says that social media’s been a huge help, and there have been reported sightings of these two pups together from Malvern to Little Rock. Both males are microchipped and neutered.

If you think you can help bring home this veteran’s pups, please contact (501)467-5010.

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