Village proposes limiting number of dogs per household

Posted by in dog stories on October 6, 2018 0 comments
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What would you do if your community imposed a limit on how many dogs you’re allowed to own?

Leaders of a Mid-Michigan community are considering this, saying too many dogs in one household can become a nuisance.

For some, the sound of dogs barking is a warm welcome home. But to others it’s a nuisance. It’s that nuisance that has prompted the village of St. Charles to try and limit the amount of dogs one can own.

“It sucks. People just don’t like dogs,” said Robert Hensel, dog owner.

The planning commission of the village has proposed an ordinance to limit the number of dogs residents can own to three dogs per household.

That proposal is not sitting well with many dog owners in the area.

“I think they should have as many dogs as they want as long as they’re under control in their own yards and are being taken care of,” said Cindy Bauer, dog owner.

Some owners worry if the ordinance passes they will be forced to give up part of their family.

“Devastating. These are our kids. And we love them and we raised them up basically since pups,” Hensel said.

Village Manager Matthew Lane said that’s simply not true.

“If you have more than three dogs now, you won’t have to get rid of them. You just won’t be allowed to replace them once the dogs you have have passed away,” Lane said.

He said the goal behind the proposed ordinance is to control people who have lots of dogs and don’t take care of them, but also for noise control.

“There’s a number of areas in the village where dogs are highly populated and they bark. It’s a domino effect,” Lane said.

Many residents said limiting the number of dogs per household is not the best way to try and meet those goals.

“I mean, they’re your pets. Your pets are like your family. As long as they’re taken care of, I don’t see an issue with it,” Bauer said.

Before the proposal could go into effect the village council would have to hold a public meeting. Lane said that is still probably months away.